Dirty Electricity

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Dirty Electricity


High-frequency electric transients

High-frequency voltage transients

"Dirty Electricity" is the term used for high-frequency electric transients or high-frequency voltage transients. These typically have frequencies in the kHz range.

These  high-frequency electric transients or 'Dirty Electricity' are caused by 'interrupted' or intermittent electricity supplies, such as solar inverters, mains chargers, CFL and LED lights. They are also found on most 60 Hz or 50 Hz power-line electricity cables, because of the way electricity is generated from electric generators, which have brushes causing arcing and sparking.

These  high-frequency electric transients or 'Dirty Electricity' are biologically highly active and can affect the mitochondria in each cell. This why Dirty Electricity is associated with so many cancers and other inflammatory diseases including neurological ones such as Electrosensitivity.

High-frequency electric transients or 'Dirty Electricity' are technically electromagnetic interference. It was first recognised as a major public health problem by Dr Sam Milham.

Dr Sam Milham pointed out that, in 1900, "if you lived in New York City or most of the other cities in the country, your average life expectancy was low-50s. If you were Amish and didn’t use electricity or if you lived in rural Mississippi or rural New York State, your longevity was in the 70s. Fast forward to the 1930s … the urban cancer [mortality] was 50-80 % higher than the rural cancer mortality."

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