Replacing Cellphones and Cordless phones

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Stop using Cellphones

Cellphones can give you Smartphone Sickness or Electrosensitivity:

Sensible medical advice includes the following.


1. Try to stop using your cellphone altogether.

2. If you need to use a cellphone for a real life-or-death emergency

  • (a) keep your call as short as possible, say 30 seconds or less
  • (b) hold the phone as far away from your body as possible
  • (c) use a headset or loudspeaker mode
  • (d) text rather than call

3. Ask other people not to use their cellphones anywhere near you.

  • A safe distance to reduce radiation to natural levels could be over a mile.
  • A practical guide it you are sensitive to this radiation is probably 20-50 yards if possible.
  • Anything within 10-20 feet can leave lasting damage genetically for some people.

This can be difficult where neighbors use cellphones in an adjoining apartment. Shielding or other protection may be the only solution.

California Department of Public Health:

Current regulations, as explained in cellphone instruction manuals, require the user to hold the phone a certain distance away from the body. This is to comply with FCC, EU or similar regulations. These  regulations are to safeguard the body only from heating. This is now regarded by the majority of scientists as insufficient, since radiation can also lead to cancer and neurological effects such as electrosensitivity, which can occur at far lower levels of exposure.

Cellphones banned in French schools:
From September 2018 the French Minister of Education has announced that cellphones will be banned in schools for students up to the age of 15:

Health effects of cellphones:

Women: Don't carry your cellphone next to your body!

The three coloured spots in the left photo show the locations of a woman's breast cancer tumors.

The right photo shows how she carried her cellphone in her bra.

Men: Don't carry your cellphone next to your body!
​Some 80% of studies now show that cellphone and similar radiation can damage your fertility and sexual functions.

Check the radiation from your cellphone

This video shows even higher radiation levels from a '4G' LTE phone compared with a '3G' UMTS phone.

Israel bans cellphone use by staff in schools

French and International 'PhoneGate': a 'Global Scandal'

Cellphones are tested at a distance away from the head, when they are nearly always used next to the head.

Some cellphones are incorrectly labelled as regards their SAR rating. Independent testing shows that their SAR levels are up to ten times higher than what the manufacturers claim in their literature.

US: Right to Know

The City of Berkeley, California, has passed the fist 'Right to Know' cellphone bill, requiring health warnings as given in the small print at the point of sale.

Stop using cordless phones

Cordless phones are just as dangerous as cellphones, wireless laptops and tablets.

  • Remove your cordless phone.
  • Instead, use a landline or corded or wired phone, or a cabled computer internet link.
  • This can be difficult were neighbours have a cordless phone in an adjoining apartment. Shielding or other protection may be the only solution, although some people with electosensitivity have found that neighbors may be willing to switch to safer phones.   

Some cordless phones restrict the amount of radiation the base station gives out when it is not in use, but it is better to eliminate the radiation altogether by using a landline.