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Mechanisms, Pathways and Non-thermal Effects

There are many established mechanisms for the way electro-magnetic exposure affects the body at non-thermal levels, way below ICNIRP's heating levels. Some mechanisms are indirect but are still objective effects which can be measured. Many of these mechanisms and pathways are inter-linked. A useful overview is:

     Goldsworthy A: "The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields: Problems and solutions" (2012)

The excellence of the pioneering studies in the USSR and Poland in the 1950s and 1960s revealed long-term effects of low-level electromagnetic exposure. A serious weakness of many recent studies in the west is that they do not consider long-term exposure and outcomes like Electrosensitivity.

Mechanisms, Pathways and Non-thermal Effects:

Scientists are unable to differentiate between damage caused by non-thermal electro-magnetic exposure and nuclear radio-active exposure.

Resonance, bioresonance, coherence, quantum biology, biosignalling, DNA fractal responses:

(* Useful illustrated introduction to water coherence and resonance, showing DNA reconstituted from 500-3000 Hz waves within ambient 7 Hz or Schumann Resonance waves)

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Triggering Agents for ES


Vagal tone and physiological stress

Patents for use of low-level electromagnetic energy for health effects etc.:

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