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Nikoli Tesla

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) is sometimes regarded as one of the first people to suffer from electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity when he was aged 25, in 1881:

  • "The peculiar malady that now affected him was never diagnosed by the doctors who attended him. It was, however, an experience that nearly cost him his life. To doctors he appeared at death's door. The strange manifestations he exhibited attracted the attention of a renowned physician, who declared that medical science could do nothing to aid him.
    ​One of the symptoms of the illness was an acute sensitivity of all the sense organs. His senses had always been extremely keen, but this sensitivity was now so tremendously exaggerated that the effects were a form of torture. The ticking of a watch three rooms away sounded like the beat of hammers on an anvil. The vibration of ordinary city traffic, when transmitted through a chair or bench, pounded through his body. It was necessary to place the legs of his bed on rubber pads to eliminate the vibrations. Ordinary speech sounded like thunderous pandemonium. The slightest touch had the mental effect of a tremendous blow. A beam of sunlight shining on him produced the effect of an internal explosion. In the dark he could sense an object at a distance of a dozen feet by a peculiar creepy sensation in his forehead. His whole body was constantly wracked by twitches and tremors. His pulse, he said, would vary from a few feeble throbs per minute to more than a hundred and fifty. Throughout this mysterious illness he was fighting with a powerful desire to recover his normal condition."
                O’Neill JJ: Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Tesla (1944)

Web links

  • Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland (Dr Magda Havas, April 2012, about the doctor, former prime minister of Norway and former director general of the World Health Organization, who became electrosensitive in 2002)
  • Electromagnetic Man (videos of 20 people in the UK talking about their experiences of electrosensitivity)
  • ​Elissa Lawrence: "Barbed Wireless" (Queensland Courier, February 14-15 2015, about Dr Marie-Therese, who resigned after 19 years as principal of Tangara School in Sydney, Australia, in 2013 because WiFi installed in her school in 2011 made her sick, and Louise Brosnan, an accountant in Brisbane, who suffered debilitating dizziness, vomiting and headaches after WiFi was installed in her workplace and at home)
  • Emma Hastings: "Brunswick woman Trish Pirrie says Powercor smart meter contributes to her electrohypersensitivity illness" (Herald Sun, April 28th 2014, about Trish Pririe who suffered ES from cellphones which was made worse by the smart meter on her bedroom wall and now has to live by candlelight)
  • ​Evan Tuchinsky: "Meter Maladies: Locals decry health risks they associate with PG&E 'smart meters'" (News Review, December 4th 2014; about Maria Crites, 71, a retired teacher, who developed electrosensitivity when a radiation 'smart' meter was put on her house, and the extra radiation was the straw that broke the camel's back, and about Nina Widlund, who had noosebleeds caused by a 'smart meter')
  • FEB: "Where can we live - about being electrosensitive" (7 minute video clip from 42-minute film produced in Sweden, with English subtitles)
  • Gary Cleeland: "Teachers voice fears of Wi-Fi health risk" (Daily Telegraph, April 23rd 2007, about Michael Bevington, a teacher in the UK, who suffered from nausea, headaches and a lack of concentration when a Wi-Fi network was installed in his school)
  • Gemma Mullin: "The man allergic to the modern world: Electromagmetic hypersenstitivity means Peter, 42, can't use ANY electric gadgets - and can't go outside his house in case he walks near a wifi network" (Daily Mail, October 16th 2014, about Peter Lloyd in Cardiff, Wales, who fears that eviction from his current accommodation and transfer to a hospital with high levels of electromagnetic radiation could cause irreversible harm)
  • Gunilla Ladberg: "Forced to disconnect: Electrohypersensitive fugitives in Sweden" (English trans. 2010; 2008, a book about electrosensitive people in Sweden)
  • Guy Hudson: "The doctor who diagnosed her own electrosensitivity" (What Doctors Don't Tell You, WDDTY, April 2014, about Dr Elizabeth Evans, a physician in England and busy mother , who worked out that she was sick because of devices near her like Wifi and cellphones.) 
  • ​Heidi Blake: “The man who is 'allergic' to Wi-Fi” (Daily Telegraph, July 24th 2009, about Steve Miller, known by his stage name 'Afterlife' used for his residency at the Ibiza nightclub Pacha before he became allergic to WiFi, who feels like an exile on his own planet)
  • Henry Samuel: "French village in 'Asterix-style battle' to be mobile network-free zone" (Daily Telegraph, January 24th 2014, about Isabelle Non-Praya who became EHS and moved to Pailhares to escape wireless radiation)
  • Jade Robran: "Wi-Fi in schools concerns" (Channel 7 Today Tonight, July 1st 2014, 8 minutes, about the artist Trish Garcia and her 12-year-old daughter in Australia who have both developed ES and the daughter now has to be educated at home because of the ill health caused by the school Wi-Fi)
  • ​James Geary: "The Man Who Was Allergic to Radio Waves" (Popular Science, April 3rd 2010, about Per Segerback in Sweden)
  • Jane O'Brien and Matt Danzio: "'Wi-fi refugees' shelter in West Virginia mountains" (BBC News Magazine, September 13th 2011, about EHS refugees at the radio telescope site at Green Bank in West Virginia, USA)
  • Jennifer Keller: "Switzerland: 'Waves Make Me Ill': Testimony of Electrohypersensitivity" (Femina, March 23rd 2014; Towards Better Health, March 24th 2014, about Godelieve who was sensitized by power-lines in Boston, USA)
  • Jennifer Newton: "Grandmother, 72, spends £4,000 covering her house in 'anti wi-fi' paint after suffering health problems from wireless signals" (Daily Mail, October 21st 2014, about Mrs Stephanie Russell in England who suffers headaches and nausea from WiFi and cellphone signals and has therefore had her house painted with special paint to block the radiation)
  • Jill Reilly: "An iPad could give me a miscarriage, claims pregnant mother who claims she's allergic to electromagnetic waves" (Daily Mail, June 12th 2012, about Hannah Metcalfe who suffered a miscarriage because of fluorescent lights at work in England)
  • Joani Walsh: "Using Wi-fi has cost me my life" (Sunday Express, August 5th 2007, about Faisal Khawaja, a photographic assistant, who developed headaches, rashes and confusion from using a cellphone, and then could not tolerate flashlights, digital cameras and keypads) 
  • Joanna Bale: "Health fears lead schools to dismantle wireless networks" (London Times, November 20 2006, about three schools in England and Wales which removed Wifi after pupils or teachers became ill for the harmful effects of the Wifi)
  • Jonathan Milne "Mystery headaches reboot Wifi fears" (Times Educational Supplement, March 30 2007, about a study in 2000 by Becta in England on Wifi installed in schools which reported that the engineers were suffering headaches by the end of the day.)
  • Jonathan Milne: “Wifi fears hang in the air” (Times Educational Supplement, December 15 2006, about John Fox, a Maths teacher, and Michael Bevington, a Classics teacher, in England who became sick when their schools installed WiFi, but the WiFi was removed.)
  • Joshua Hart: "Pre-Filed Testimony" (MPUC Docket No. 2011-00262, Maine Supreme Court, 2013, containing 21 cases mainly of the health effects on people affected by the radiation from smart meters)
  • Joshua Hart: "Wounded by Wireless" (StopSmartMeters, 2010, 14m, about three people sensitised to electromagnetic radiation: David Wientjes, a real estate executive sensitised by cellphone towers in 1998 suffering tinnitus, pressure in the head, poor sleep and nosebleeds; Sandy Aiders, sensitised in 2008 by a wireless 'smart' meter and unable to work as a paralegal and forced out of her home suffering insomnia, rashes, tinnitus, heart palpitation, diarrhoea and electrical shocks; and Sarah Riley, sensitised in 2003 by cellphone towers suffering 'fireworks all over her body' and nosebleeds, and forced to live on a beach)
  • Julie Bertrand: "Phones make Schlusen sick" (Alberni Valley Times, July 15th 2013, about Benita Schlusen, a former telecom employee, who suffers problems in trying to live with ES)
  • Juliette Maxam: “Computer network forced man to quit job” (East Anglian Daily Times, July 10 2006, about Ryan Warne in England who had to give up his furniture showroom job when Wifi was installed and he became ill with ES symptoms.)
  • Kate Figes: “Wireless technology made me sick” (The London Evening Standard, November 23rd 2006, about how the author from London, England, removed wi-fi from her home because it made her ill and so sensitive she could instantly tell its presence like a cloud of poison) 
  • Kate Figes: "A wireless warning" (The Guardian, December 5th 2006, about the symptoms which the author experiences, including dizziness, headaches, extreme fatigue and confusion, caused by wi-fi, cellphones, DECT phones and Bluetooth)
  • Katie Simpson: "Doctors call on Otawa to update radiation safety guidelines" (CTV News, July 9th 2014, 2 mins, about Sharon Deoux who had to move house because of the effects of cellphone and similar radiation); Extended interview: "Woman says she's affected by radiation", CTV News, July 9th 2014, 5 minutes)
  • Kenneth Craig: "Man claims OUC's smart meter made him sick, files federal lawsuit" (9wft.com News, December 2nd 2014, about Bill Metallo, a veteran in Orange County, Florida, USA, who suffered skin problems and sleepless nights from 'smart' meter radiation, and who has filed a federal lawsuit against OUC for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Kim Izzo: "The Beauty of Aging" (Everything Zoomer, February 4 2011, about Jolie Jones, 57, who suffered electrosensitivity, citing high levels of heavy metals caused by eating too much tuna, which made her feel in a heavy fog and totally disoriented; her joints would tingle and ache and she would get palpitations in her chest) 
  • Laura Page: "The man living alone in the woods to escape Wi-Fi and mobile phones" (The Guardian, July 20th 2012, about Phil Inkley whose ES forces him to live as far as possible from WiFi and cellphones, making it hard for him to have a job or social life)
  • Marc Khanne: "Desperately Seeking White Zone" (Artis/Vosges TV Documentary Film; 58 minutes, 2013)
  • Marc Khanne: "EMF Sufferer in Australia" (Artis, 12 minutes, 2014, about Dr David McDonald, a research scientists who suffers ES but his employers were unable to provide satisfactory working conditions and he was forced to cease work but was then granted compensation)
  • Marth Wickett: "Family takes refuge from WiFi" (Salmon Arm Observer, November 19th 2014, about Amelia Boutet who at the age of nine years was sensitised by a school WiFi router)
  • "Maryland woman suffers acute radiation exposure from a bank of smart meters" (3m, 2015, symptoms included a burning sensation, dizziness, constant pressure in the head, unusual vaginal bleeding, hearing a high-pitched sound, and being unable to fall asleep)
  • Maxime S Girard: "Connecté sur L'électrosmog" (2014, 9 min., about José Levesque, a telecom engineer who developed EHS especially from Wifi which gave him inflammation in the head with nose bleeds and blood shot eyes, and André Fauteaux, a journalist)
  • Michael Gaynor: "The Town without Wi-Fi" (Washingtonian, January 2015, about people with ES who now live in the radio-quiet zone around the radio telescopes at Green Bank, West Virginia)
  • National Geographic: "Taboo: EHS High Frequency electromagnetic field sensitive people - WiFi GSM" (October 1 2013, 10 min., about EHS refugees living in caves in Beaumugne in France)
  • Nadav Neuhas: "Search for a Golden Cage" (Time Magazine, May 2014, 12 minutes, about EHS sufferers in the USA trying to find a safe place to live)
  • Nick Fleming: "Experts put a health warning on 'electrical allergy' advice" (Daily Telegraph, November 4 2005, about Brian Stein, a businessman in England, who suffers from EHS, HPA which advised people with EHS to keep clear of electrical deices, and the negative King's College and Essex studies which cost the telecoms industry and government £750,000)
  • Nic Fleming: "Scientists serious about 'electricity sickness' claims" (Daily Telegraph, January 24 2005, about people with EHS, Dr Dowson who has treated 10 people with this condition, and the English government's £8.6m series of studies)
  • Nikola Tesla: "My Inventions: III, My Later Endeavors” (The Electrical Experimenter Magazine, April 1919, where the father of electrical engineering describes how in 1880-1881, aged 25, he became hypersensitive in hearing and sight, perhaps the first detailed record of ES)  
  • Noor Javed: "One woman's battle with electromagnetic hypersensitivity" (The Star, June 15th 2013, about Veronica Ciandre in Toronto, Canada, who developed EHS after her landlord installed 10 antennas on the roof of her apartment)
  • Philip Weeks: "Electrosensitivity: Is your mobile really a threat to your health?" (Metro, November 28th 2010, about Michael Cohen of London, England, who for 16 years could not be close to electric cables or use a cellphone)
  • Pippa Gardner: "WiFi health risks?" (7 News Sydney, June 18th 2014, 2 minutes, about Dr James McCaughan, a senior lecturer in Physics at the University of Sydney, who had to retire when smart phones in lectures caused too severe symptoms from electrosensitivity)
  • Pippa Gardner: "Long-time Wi-Fi safety fears" (Yahoo 7 News, Melbourne, June 30th 2014, 2 minutes, about children in Australia diagnosed with Wi-Fi sensitivity)
  • Polly Dunbar: "Could WiFi be harming your health?" (Daily Mail, November 24th 2014, about Mary Coales, a 63-year-old Cambridge graduate who developed ES in 2012, Ricky Gardener a musician who retreated to the countryside in Wales, and Sue Brown a teacher forced out of her school by ES symptoms when WiFi was installed)
  • "Punitive Power and the Smart Meter Tyranny" (Sofia made ill by a 'smart' meter in Australia and the refusal of the utility to accept the problem, March 2014)
  • "Punitive Power and the 'smart meter' Tyranny, part 2" (Paradigm Images, 2014, 15 mins, about people made ill with ES symptoms in Victoria, Australia, by the installation of 'smart' meters)
  • Rachel Shabi: "Making Waves" (The Guardian, April 10th 2004, about Alan Brooks who lived 20m from a cellphone tower in England, Faisal Khawaja 50m from a tower, and Geralding Attridge in a block of apartments with antennas on the roof, all suffering tinnitus, nosebleeds, nausea, sleeplessness, headaches, dizziness, loss of concentration etc)
  • Dr Rhina Bray: "Submission to the Standing Committee on Health" (Canadian Parliament, April 28 2015, by the Medical Director, Environmental Health Clinic, Women’s College Hospital, Torontoa, as an Individual, about people suffering from EHS)
  • Richard Oakley: "One in 20 people 'may have a mobile phone illness'" (Sunday Times, January 30th 2005, about Helen McCrony in Ireland who suffers headaches and lack of sleep from cellphone towers, and John Ryan, a farmer, who has headaches and dizziness) 
  • Rigmor Granlund-Lind and John Lind: Black on White: Voices and witnesses about Electro-Hypersensitivity; The Swedish Experience (pdf, 1.3MB) (A book originally published in 2002 about 400 people with ES in Sweden)
  • ​Safeschool: "Children speak out on WiFi symptoms" (video, 4 mins, 2010)
  • Sarah Scott: "High anxiety" (The Guardian, October 20 1999, about Jane Palmer in Wales whose daughter had epileptic fits when a cellphone tower was installed nearby, and scientists at Porton Down who showed affects on rats' nervous systems and problems with memory, learning and epilepsy, although Zenon Sienkiewicz for the NRPB defended failure to exercise caution claiming: "Fantastic claims require extraordinary proof.")
  • Sarah Stacey: "Bid to beat the electric blues" (Mail on Sunday, June 10th 2009, about Michelle Berridale-Johnson, editor of Foodsmatter in London, England, who has suffered electrosensitivity since 1998 when her cellphone aerial broke causing buzzing in her ear and memory loss)
  • Sarah Swain: "Parents remove children from school, saying Wi-Fi networks are making them sick" (Daily Telegraph, April 2nd 2015, about the Spencer children, 5, 8 and 15, in Australia, sick with depression, anxiety and headaches from school WiFi; their parents had to remove them)
  • Scott Eberle: "What's the Diagnosis, Doctor?" (Scott Eberle: "What's the Diagnosis Doctor? Sonoma Medicine 65(4): 27=32, Fall 2014; Dr Eberle, director of the Hospice of Petaluma, California, recounts how he was poisoned by carbon monoxide and then became ES, which he proved by blinded experiments, suggesting that the CO poisoning weakened his blood-brain barrier to EM exposure)
  • Shirley Farlinger: "The Mysterious Events at Greenham Common" (Peace Magazine, December 1989-January 1990, with Kim Besley’s report on the sensitivity effects experienced by the women protestors targeted by EM radiation in 1984, including swollen tongues, changed heartbeats, immobility, feelings of terror, pains in the upper body and changed menstrual cycles) 
  • ​Smadar Salton: "Does radiation hurt?" (Israel Today, December 26th 2014, about seven people with ES in Israel, Dahit, Amir, Dafna, Menaechem, Dorit, Nava and Ben-Ariel, along with numerous children made ill by WiFi and tablets in school, and various professors and doctors stating that electrosensitivity is a real physical condition and is not a psychological fear)
  • Steve Featherstone: "This West Virginia Town has gone Radio Silent" (Popular Science, April 13th 2015, about electrosensitives moving to Green Bank to escape wireless pollution and how they inter-react with other members of the town) 
  • Steve Weller: "A personal Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) case study" (EMFacts, April 16th 2014, an IT professional in Australia who realised he was ES in 2001 but was made much more ill by neighbor's wireless 'smart' meters in 2011)
  • ​Tamara Bailey: "Electric Blues - Rare Allergy Drives Tech Guru Into Seclusion" (Jamaica Gleaner, October 11th 2014, a software engineer and computer programmer in Jamaica was sensitised to electromagnetic radiation by a 4G cellphone and now has to live away from urban life and computers in a hut beside a river) (video, 6 minutes)
  • Ted Malava and LaTasha Givens: "Customers say OG&E Smart Meters making them sick" (News Channel 4, KFor.TV, Oklahama City, July 23rd 2013, about Monique Smith who was forced out of her home by ES illness hours after a wireless 'smart' meter was installed at her home)
  • This is Exeter: "Wendy is allergic to electric gadgets of the modern world" (Express and Echo, March 9th 2009, about Wendy Bolan in England who since 2006 has had earaches, migraines, numbness, loss of balance, internal bleeding, sores and rashes from cellphones and TVs)
  • Thomas Ball: "Electrosensitive: Outliers in a Wireless World" (2013, 14 minutes)
  • Thomas Ball: "Electrosensitive in the Guardian" (see the following link)
  • Thomas Blincoe: "Electrosensitivity: is technology killing us?" (The Guardian, March 29th 2013, about a dozen people with ES interviewed and photographed by Thomas Ball in the UK)
  • Youle R: "How gadgets and gizmos make life miserable" (The South Wales Post, March 18th 2009, about Annelie Fitzgerald, a university lecturer from Wales, who realised she suffered from electrosensitivity when her wi-fi modem broke down and her chest pains stopped) 

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