Smart Meter Protection

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Smart Meters dangers

There are five particular dangers from Smart Meter radiation:

Smart Meter radiation:

  • can be at very high levels, even if transmitting for only a short duration.
  • can be close to living and sleeping areas.
  • is from the same place each time, making it extra dangerous at night when people are asleep.
  • can form mesh or grid networks with other meters and even appliances in the property, causing much higher levels of radiation in some properties.
  • for condominiums, apartments and blocks of flats, banks of meters can give off almost constant radiation at very high levels.

Because of the very high spikes from most Smart Meter radiation, it is particularly active biologically, with repetition especially at night making it worse. On top of existing radiation, such as from cellphone towers, digital radio and TV, and neighbors' WiFi, this is medically harmful especially to people very sensitive to it.

Smart meters are not only dangerous because of their microwave emissions. They also put 'dirty' electricity and thus very low frequency waves back onto the power cables, thus polluting the house or condominium within perhaps 2 meters of all power cables. 

Information on the established health dangers of wireless Smart Meters:


Removal of Smart Meter


Protection from Smart Meters

This is important for everyone, and especially for people sensitive to radiation. ​

1. Retain a meter without radiation

Non-radiation meters

Most utility companies now accept that some people are made ill by radiation from Smart Meters.

You should be able to request to retain, or change to, an 'analogue' meter. This is the old type of meter which does not send any radio signals.

Equality and disability legislation 
Some countries and some states within the USA have stated that customers have the right to meters without any radiation signals and utility companies cannot insist on Smart Meters with radiation  (e.g. in England the government Energy Minister announced this on November 29 2011; report).

No extra charges

Under equality and disability legislation it is now normal for customers not to be charged extra for keeping existing meters or changing to analogue meters for health reasons. You should check with your utility company and the utility commission for the current provisions in your state or country. If there are difficulties see the Legal pages for some of the people who have confirmed their equality and disability rights in this area.

Customers' own meters

Some countries or states allow customers to fit their own meter which does not emit radiation. Usually this has to be done by a qualified electrician using approved appliances. If the existing meter is owned by the utility company, even if it is on private property, it will need to be returned to the owner.

2. Meters which send information by cable

Some countries have realised the health dangers of radiation from meters. They therefore use wired links, either on power cables or on data cables, to send information from the meter.

3. Protection from radiation

Some customers have reduced their exposure to Smart Meter radiation by protective covers and shields. The radiation being screened, of course, has been classified since 2011 as a 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization, It is therefore reasonable for citizens to protect the health of their children and themselves by shielding them from a toxic agent, especially when the customer concerned has not requested this toxin on their premises. Doctors advise especially on the need for sleeping areas to be free from carcinogenic radiation which also has known neurological effects.

The key areas to protect are the property behind the meter and the property's sleeping and living areas. It is essential to use a measuring device to check the radiation levels before and after any protection is fitted. The protective cover may need to be earthed or checked so that it does not send radiation along adjacent wiring or metal pipes. In addition, some people screen on the outside of the meter, to reduce radiation around the outside of the property. It is again essential to use a measuring device to ensure that this does not increase radiation back into the property.  It is also essential to ensure that the utility company can take readings, so it needs to reduce the signal mostly but not completely.

4. Protection from other people's Smart Meters

If your property is directly between another property's Smart Meter and its receiving tower base, or mesh or network base, then your property may be irradiated at high levels from external sources. At present few countries have introduced the legislation necessary to deal with such infringements of personal rights and property rights, so protection may be the only option. This should be at the expense of the polluter.

5. Legal right to refuse Opt-Out Contracts

  • You have Right of Contract. There is no contract if you were coerced into signing. Only you can decide whether to sign or not. If you choose to refuse and not to sign, that is sufficient.
  • Therefore Opt-Out Contracts do nothing except transfer all the power and advantages to the other party. Never sign any Opt-Out Contract for any reason. You have the right to refuse any contract.
  • If you do want to sign a contract, require that the utility provider chief executive personally signs for responsibility for all negative consequences of installing a radiation smart-meter.

Jerry Day: "How to say no to vaccinations and smart meters" (2016, 14 mins)

"So when you refuse to allow the pirate to rob you, the pirate hands you an opt-out contract where you agree to pay him for not robbing you. It’s pretty ludicrous. Your refusal is the opt-out. Opt-out contracts do nothing for you."

  • England: Consumer Council for Water: "Electromagnetic sensitivity and Smart Water Meters":
    "There is currently no government directive for water companies to roll out smart water meters, as has happened in the energy sector. Defra state that it is a matter for the water company to decide how to deal with objections to the installation of water meters on medical grounds. Each water company will therefore have its own policy in this area. The Consumer Council for Water expects water companies to take any customer concerns seriously and to deal with them sensitively."

Smart Meter Groups

See Links for many national and local Smart Meter groups concerned about the health damage from Smart Meter radiation. Some have letter formats available, giving legal rights against the imposition of radiation Smart Meters, along with other useful help and advice.

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