Hearing Aids

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Wireless Hearing Aids:

Wireless Hearing Aids can emit over 20,000 microWatts per meter squared (µW/m2) right next to the brain.

See the video below which shows readings.

The person concerned wore the Wireless Hearing Aids for four years before realising that they explained her specific Electrosensitivity symptoms, including dizziness, nosebleeds and periodic waves of energy over her head making her feel as if she could fall down.

Bioinitiative 2012 Guidelines are: 
     6 µW/m2 for the general population
    3 µW/m2 for children and sensitive populations.

The EUROPAEM 2017 EMF long-term Guidelines are:

    10 µW/m2 for day-time exposure


    0.1 µW/m2 for sensitive populations, such as children and the elderly,

ICNIRP heating limits, based on Schwan's mistake of 1953, are irrelevant, since the damage from wireless radiation at these levels is not by heating but by the long-established non-thermal effects. Moreover, ICNIRP limits are only short-term, for 6 or 30 minutes, and are therefore inappropriate for wireless hearing aids which are usually worn for more longer than 6 or 30 minutes.

Power Flux Density in MicroWatts per meter squared (uW/m2)


Watts per kilogram (Specific Absorption Rate):

Natural LevelIGNIR SensitiveBioinitiative ChildrenBioinitiative AdultsWireless Hearing Aid
W/kg (SAR)<0.00002Seletun: 0.0003


There are said to be some Wired Hearing Aids available, or Air Tube Attachments.
e.g. Rionet Hearing aid, without high EMF (Rion Co. Ltd)