“We have many teenage kids, they say, ‘I'd much rather let my mother die of breast cancer than switching off the Wi-Fi router at night.’”
“Whether people feel that they're electrosensitive or not, they have the same reaction. It's just that people that are electrosensitive are aware of it. The other ones are not aware of it. The cancer rates are the same, the same rate of neurological diseases, the same rates of brain fog, whether you feel like you are electro-hypersensitive or you are not.

People are affected about 12 feet away from a cell phone but you can measure the fields over 20 feet easily.” (2017)​

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD

Founder of the Klinghardt Academy (USA),
the American Academy of Neural Therapy, Medical Director, Institute of Neurobiology

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​General ES News

Hardell et al.: Summary of 7 RFR Microwave Syndrome cases, 5G 

Hensinger P et al: EHS as a biologically expected reaction 

Curto: "Freequencies", 2nd, Ireland’s Young Filmmaker, 2024  

Case Study: Boy with Severe Headaches at School near 5G Tower 

Diagnosis of EHS

5G Health Concerns, Setting Suitable Safety Restrictions

5G Base Station: Causes Severe Ill Health and Violates Medical Principles Through Ignorance

French Court: Smart Meter to be Removed for Person with EHS 

Study: Microwave Syndrome Symptoms in Family near 5G

Cellphones linked with Prostate Cancer and Skin Cancer

Interview by André Fauteux with Neurosurgeon, Dr Hillel Baldwin

'Remembering Nearfield' (Short Animated Film). Comment.

Study: 5G Caused Microwave Syndrome Symptoms in a Family

Nonthermal RF Damages DNA in Older People, 1W/kg for 16h  

RF: Long-Term Non-Thermal Limits Needed, not IEEE/ICNIRP 

Nordic Appeal: 5G Unsafe and Violation of Human Rights

Study: 5G Caused Severe Microwave Syndrome / EHS Symptoms in Non-Sensitized Person; Comment 1; 2 

Havana Syndrome: Pulsed RF Plausible CauseReport

'Electric Malady': BAFTA Nominated Film. Review

5G: Provokes EHS Symptoms; ICNIRP Limits Unprotective

UK Court 5G Challenge: ICNIRP Lacks Safety Proof; Public Right to Know Risks. A Safer Future

Protection Needed: Microwave Syndrome Symptoms from 5G Base Station

Video Animations on EHS: Europeans for Safe Connections;

Electrosensitivity UK

Metabolomic Profile by GC-MS Distinguishes EHS

Need for Health Care Training on EHS

EHS is Caused by EMF Exposure, not by Nocebo Effect

EHS is not Psychological; EHS causes both Illness and Disability

ICNIRP Thermal Standards Grossly Inadequate; IARC Class 1

ICBE-EMF: Invalid Assumptions by FCC and ICNIRP Guidelines

EU Treaty: Requires Prioritizing Health over Economic Benefits

Higher Cellphone Use Associated with EHS Symptoms: Pain etc.

Power Line Specific EHS Symptoms: Public Health Issue

UK Upper Tribunal: EHS is a Physical Disability; School Must Remove Wifi. Case. PHIRE. LGL.

ICNIRP's 'No Risk':  'Incomplete, Unscientific, Misleading' 

Balmori A: Crisis for Health and Technology - RF Sickness, Cancer

ICNIRP 2020 Guidelines: Lack 'Scientific Quality"

UK: Worker's Early Health Retirement because of EHS

ARIEM: Association for International Research on EHS and MCS

Human Magnetic Sense Established

Legal Cases:Pittsfield MAFrench Court Bans Tower. UK 5G Appeal

Pittsfield: Emergency Cease and Desist Order: Verizon Tower; EHT

ES Symptom Protection from Microwave Weapons and Towers

Hardell et al.: EHS Symptoms from RFR and EMFs

Hardell et al.: First Study on EHS Symptoms from 5G Transmitter

Mike Bender: The Quiet House - the Struggle to Live with EHS

Delayed Individual Subconscious Effects of Wi-Fi: Electromyogram

Diana Kordas on Samos: 5G RFR causes 80-90% Decline in Insects

USA: 'Cease and Desist' Notice for Tower causing ES Symptoms

France: Court Recognizes EHS, Requires Smart Meter Changes

EHT Request to FCC: Reopen Reassessment, Environ. Impact 

Heart Rate Variability can Confirm EHS Diagnosis for ANS

Chemical Environmental Sensitivity Disorder: Consensus

Polish Survey: Up to 1.8% of the Population is EHS

FCC to Explain Ignoring Non-Cancer Harm: EHT, CHD, Case

Comment: Proof of EHS Beyond All Reasonable Doubt

Finnish Documentary: Something Is In The Air

European Parliament Review: 5G is a Probable Carcinogen and has Clear Adverse Fertility Effects

SAR Guidelines Based on NTP Evidence: 0.0002 W/kg

32 Experts ask the WHO for EHS to be included in the ICD

Electric Car: ES Lawsuit

Dr Pockett on Science, Health and CorruptionElectrosmog

Urgent Need: Replace ICNIRP and Adopt Protective Guidelines 

Continued ES Microwave Attacks

Childhood Cancers: Twice as Likely at 4 mG (400 nT)

EHT Letter to President Biden: Halt 5G and Restrict RFR

Former ICNIRP Member: ICNIRP 'Groupthink' Blocks Precaution

Microwave Weapons Attacks in US with Specific ES Symptoms

RFR exacerbates COVID-19: US States; Biological Effects

U.S. Expert Report: 'High Probability' RFR Causes Tumors

Call to WHO to Abandon Obsolete ICNIRP Limits

EHS 2019 Symposium Proceedings

US Court Recognizes Disability in Person with EHS Caused by Wifi

US Court of Appeal may Reverse FCC RF Limits Decision

Non-Thermal Guidelines: AIRM, EUROPAEM 2016IGNIR Issue 2

Switzerland: Shielded Buildings

USA, Arizona: Rancho Quieto

Court of Appeals, DC Circuit: Seeking Minutes of Inter Agency RFWG on RF Cumulative Effects;

Judges 'hammered' FCC

Prof. John Frank: Halt 5G: Precautionary Principle

Dutch Ruling on Cell Towers: Implications for Telecoms

Can Reduced EMFs and RFR Increase Melatonin and Reduce COVID?Study.

The Microwave Delusion

Living Cells Shown as Sensitive to Magnetic Fields

EHS Person is Interested Party 650m from Cell Tower at <1 V/m 

Microwaves Caused Established Symptoms of Electrosensitivity

Metabolomic Markers for EHS

Man in England with ES Paints Home to Block out 5G and RFR

Review: Cell Phones Increase Breast Cancer Risk

GLORE: Secret Meeting

NAS Report: US Diplomats Had RF Electrosensitivity Symptoms

Electrosensitive Society: Hospital Accommodations for EHS People

China: Microwaves Cause ES Symptoms like Vomiting

WHO EMF Project still Refuses to Answer Questions

UK/International  Consensus Statement 2020 on NIR; Link

5G 28 GHz Cellphones: Exceed Short-term Heating Guidelines

BBC News: Children's Lower IQ and Digital Devices

GQ Magazine: Microwaves causing EHS in U.S. Diplomats?

Clinical Practice Guidelines for EHS

Diabetic Mice: Liver ROS Sensitive to MF and EF

Childhood Leukemia: Dose-Response Link to ELF EMF

Does 5G Cause Vertigo?

USA: DARPA Research into Pilots' Electrosensitivity; Proposal

L Hardell et al.: ICNIRP & EU: 5G Scientific Misconduct; Article

K Buchner & M Rivasi: ICNIRP: Conflicts of Interest

Russia: Recommends Wifi & Cell Phone Primary School Ban 

EM Environmental and Health Threats: Remove Wireless

Josh de Sol: 5G Summit 2020: Expert Panel Livestream

Christopher Ketchum: Is 5G Going to Kill Us All?

Dr M Havas: Is 5G Linked with COVID19 Cases/Deaths in US?

Dr. Darrell Wolfe: Dr Magda Havas on 5G Connection

R. Blank: SAR Not Protective of Health: Cell Phones Unregulated

Urgent Need for Long-Term Limits to Replace FCC and ICNIRP

The Lies Must Stop:
Disband ICNIRP

Coronavirus and EMF/RFR

England: County of Somerset discusses Dangers of RF and 5G

Trapped at home in Durango because of ES

Dr Magda Havas on Electro-hypersensitivity

Tucker Carlson on Cell Phone Dangers

Switzerland Halts 5G Rollout over Health Concerns

Documentary on 5G Dangers

'Prisons Without Bars' Documentary; CBC Interview

US Troops suffer Brain Injuries 

More Legal Action against FCC

Legal Action against FCC and US Government over alleged 'Fraud'

Judge Alsup Laments 'Dumb' FCC

Three People with ES in England and WHO's Unscientific Claims

England switches back to the Year 2000 advising Precaution

Unscientific WHO and ICNIRP Responsible for Harm to Public

Stop 5G Global Protest Day: Press Release; Report

US Federal Officials endorse Precaution over RFR

Yale: Genetic Variants: Cellphone Thyroid Cancer; Study; Comment

Other Genetic Variants: General ESChildhood Leukemia; Rat Cognitive Dysfunction

Paignton, England: Refuses 5G Site

Bournemouth, England: Protestor says 5G is 'Genocide'

Italian Appeal Court: Cellphones can cause Brain Tumors

Papua New Guinea: Halt to 5G

USA National 5G Resolution; Defense Sec: Restrict 5G

Stop 5G Global Protest Day; Ignore ICNIRP; WHO & ICNIRP

Live Blood Analysis: Teacher after 7 hours Wi-Fi (31-40 min)

England: Woman Made Sick by Roof Antennas

5G Cellphone Risks.  Laois:  5G Insurance and Health Risks

French Government Agency: Test Cell Phones next to the Body

Experts' 5G warnings: Prof. Klaus Buchner MEP, Dr Joel Moskowitz

Urban Cell Towers-Unnecessarily High Levels of Radiation 

Russian NCNIRP: Warning Signs for Children & Pregnant Women

More Legal Actions Against 5G: Australia, DenmarkUKUSA

Norway: 5G Tests cause Headaches

Jeff Prager et al.: Special Report on 5G

Totnes, England: 'Ban' on 5G

Prof. Tom Butler: 5G is Wifi on Steroids: Recognize the Risks

KLA TV: Cellphones Destroying Bees: 5G the Final Knockout?

Frank Clegg: Dangers of 5G

Class Action: Alleged Levels of Smartphone Exposures

Research: Electrical Exposure related to Allergen Sensitivity

Australia: Cellphone Towers and Blood-Sugar Levels

Reports, FCC Limits: Raised for Radar Phones; Themal Only; MN

International EMF Scientist Appeal to UNEP: 4G/5G Crisis

Australia: Push Back against 5G; Groups Against 5G; 5G Protests

US Report: Bees dying under 4G towers

Geneva, April 2019: 5G causes specific ES symptoms and EHS

CF Jensen, Attorney-at-Law: 5G Contravenes Human Rights

Leading European Scientists: Stop 5G deployment (trans.)

Jack Dorsey (Square, Twitter): Faraday Cage against EM Stress

Berkeley: Cellphone Retailers must warn of Radiation Dangers

Dr Klinghardt: Synergy of Nano Aluminum and Electrosmog

Mass Extinction Event: Radiation and Chemicals6th Extinction

Fatal Brain Tumors: Doubled in 10-20 Years in Four Countries

Olga Sheean: WHO Cover-up: Need for Truth and Halt to 5G

Australia: Fear of Criminal Assault and Restraint Orders can stop 5G and protect ES people 

US: 3 Years to Diagnose ES from School Celltowers; Disability Accommodations Needed

5th Italian Court Judgement:

Acoustic Neuroma a Cellphone Occupational DIsease

Dr Tracy Chandler: 5G - There’s Nowhere to Hide!

Bandara & Carpenter: Planetary Environmental Health Crisis

Dr Dohmen: Wireless Networks must protect people with EHS

Dr Pockett: Time to stop believing ICNIRP spin

Dr Havas: EHS needs Immediate Attention from Public Heatlh

Congressman Thomas Suozzi: Call to FCC for 5G Safety Proof

Wifi: Wifi exposure reduces male fertility

Marc Gielissen: 5G Can Kill You

English Music Festival: Backlash against 5G plan

US Rep. Peter A. DeFazio: Letter to FCC & FDA on 1996 RF safety

France: Court requires Smart Meters to be made safe for EHS

Bangladesh: Ban on towers on residences, schools etc.

Prof. Tom Butler: Wifi and Tower risk to Children; Overview

Prof. Paul Heroux:  Cellphone Tower causing Cancer

Steve Romine: Carlos Sosa, MD

Germany: Conference, October 4-6 2019

Aschermann C et al. (ed.): “Elektrohypersensibilität – Risiko für Individuum und Gesellschaft”

Peter Sullivan: Dangers of Wireless Radiation

Geneva: 5G Banned until Health Studies

Brussels: No 5G: Health before Profit

Mary Sargent August:  RIP

Sacha Stone's Film: 5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event

Em. Prof. Pall on ARPANSA: "No 

Scientific Evidence" "Fraud"

Californian Court:  Awards for People with ES WiFi Symptoms 

ES Summary:  Refugees, Symptoms, Biomarkers,Genetics 

Review of Surveys:  Prevalance of EHS with Restricted Work Access 

FCC and ICNIRP levels unsafe:  Mitochondrial damage from RF

Experiences:  School Wifi causes Microwave Sickness Symptoms

Italian Court:  School Ordered to Remove WiFi to Protect ES Pupil

Ex DHS Employee:  5G-type Radiation Causes ES Symptoms: 'Living Hell'

'Insect Inspector':  "Why is 5G bug free?" - Insect Armageddon

France:  Court recognizes EHS as an Occupational Disease

Lewis Evans:  "It's time to EMF off!"

Italian Court: Government must warn about Cellphone Risks

Spain:  High Court Recognizes EHS as Employment Injury

Pennsylvania, US:  Forced by Smart Meter to leave Home

UN Secretary-General:  Ignorant of WHO's IARC 2B Cancer WiFi

North Carolina, US:  EHS can Refuse Smart Meter; no Charge

Prof Belpomme:  WHO should accept EHS as a Pathological Disorder

Peterborough, Ontario:  EHS Tip-Sheet for EHS workers

2.0, Indian film:  Vengeance on Smartphone users Killing Birds

Microwave Weapons: Family's Brain Network Disorder/ES; video

5G Health Effects:  Video on ES Symptoms from 5G Wireless Antenna

Living with Electrosensitivity: Homeless and nowhere to go

NTP Study:  RF radiation causes cancer: 'Clear Evidence' (highest rating)

Dr Paul Heroux: Clean up EMF pollution:  Class action v 5G and cars?

Dr Sharon Goldberg: Established Science shows Harm: Refuse 5G

Dana Ashlie:  Discovering ES, EHS and the Science

'Insect Inspector Report': Wireless Extinction of Insects, Humans...?

Electronic Warfare from 1953: Wireless causes specific EHS symptoms

France:  Legal recognition of EHS.  Compensation for work accident

Individual meters: Confirmation of specific EHS symptoms

Dr Magda Havas interviewed by Dr Mercola on EHS: VideoArticle

ICNIRP consultation:  "Just a Gimmick"

EHS and other Non-thermal Effects: Urgent Action needed by WHO

People with EHS:  Peripheral blood markers for oxidative stress

School Wi-Fi injury:  Ostrich-like head in sand, still using thermal limits

Northern Ireland:  Mother removes sons made ill by school Wi-Fi

Prof. D. Belpomme:  Lecture on EHS: video transcript

Electrosensitive Firefighters: Exemption from 5G cancer towers

Prof. Martin Pall:  5G: Great Risk for EU, US and International

Brain tumor rise in England:  Cell phone concerns

Prof. D. Leszczynski:  Open Letter on EHS Research

Documentary:  "Wi-Fi Refugees: Nowhere to run"

University professor: Forced to live in wood because of EHS

​Californian Boy's Testimony:  Painful Heart Effects from School WiFi

RT Documentary:  Wi-Fi Refugees. ES people escape wireless tech.

Living with electrosensitivity:  "I AM a EMF Refugee"

​Harmful Radiation
​Cellphones, WiFi, ​5G, Towers, Smart Meters and Power Lines

Key facts on Electrosensitivity 
(also known as EMFIS, EHS, ES, IEI-EMF, Microwave Sickness, Radiation Sickness)

"I think it's becoming the disaster of the 21st century" 

Dr William Rea,  
Late DIrector,
​Environmental Health Centre,
​Dallas, Texas

What the experts say about Electrosensitivity

What is ES?

 Recent updates


Elecotramagnetic Interference or Dirty Electricity

The growing public awareness of Electrosensitivity is indicated by the increasing use of this website.

This website, www.electrosensitivity.co
as of 2019  averages over 100,000 visits a year,
up from 80,000 in 2017.

"The number of diagnosed cases of electrohypersensitivity (EHS) has increased dramatically in the last 10 years"

Dr. Riina Bray,

Medical Director,
Environmental Health Clinic, 
Women's College Hospital, Toronto 

"Epidemiological evidence shows that radiofrequency should be classified as a Group 1 (Known) Human Carcinogen. The evidence for risks to health from brain tumors has substantially increased since 2010. The existing FCC/IEEE and ICNIRP public safety limits are not adequate to protect public health.”” (2017)

Professor Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD,
Orebro University, ​Sweden

“We have enough peer-reviewed scientific studies documenting the adverse effects, which include cancers, reproductive problems and symptoms of electrohyper-sensitivity, for governing bodies to promote practices, devices and legislation that reduce our exposure to these frequencies." (2015)

 Dr Magda Havas,

Environmental and Resource Studies, ​Centre for Health Studies, Trent University, Canada

Scientific Papers: 

"The reduction of EMF exposure should also be extended to public spaces such as schools, hospitals, public transport, and libraries to enable persons with EHS an unhindered use" (2016)


“There is a clear disconnect between the FCC policy and scientific findings regarding the adverse health impacts of wireless radiation.” (2018)

Angie Colbeck MD, Senator Patrick Colbeck, ​​Michigan, USA

“It is not a question of whether a student or teacher will be harmed [by school WiFi], but how much accumulated radiation over how many months and/or years their individual bodies can endure before they succumb to serious illness.” (2017)

James G. (Jerry) Flynn,

retired Captain, Canadian Armed Forces

“Current FCC standards do not account for the unique vulnerability and use patterns specific to pregnant women and children. It is essential that any new standard for cell phones or other wireless devices be based on protecting the youngest and most vulnerable populations to ensure they are safeguarded throughout their lifetimes. ”  (2013) 

 Thomas K. McInerny, MD FAAP 

​American Academy of Pediatrics

“These [EHS] patients exist. I cannot hide them away simply to please the government, the politicians or the cell phone industry. They are really sick people, and the idea that they are mentally ill is totally unacceptable.” (2017)

Dr Dominique Belpomme
Professor of Oncology, 

Paris-Descartes University

“Some guidelines [e.g. ICNIRP heating Guidelines] may still not provide adequate protection for certain sensitive individuals nor for normal individuals exposed concomitantly to other agents, which may exacerbate the effect of the Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR)  exposure,”  (2002) 

 World Health Organizaition's International Committee
on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection  (ICNIRP)

"The person with EHS shall have the opportunity to live and work in an electrosanitised environment"
"The underlying cause still remains only the environment"

Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson, 
Department of Neuroscience,
Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

“This whole nonsense that the industry had been putting forth is just that. It’s just nonsense.
We are literally destroying our health in many different ways. There are actually six different ways in which it’s probable that we will generate our own extinction rather quickly from these EMFs.
When you look at the effects of EMFs on the brain and the reproductive system, they both develop slowly over time. Those are the things we’re not aware of, because they develop slowly despite the severity of the eventual effects." (2017)

 Professor Martin L. Pall,

Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences,
​Washington State University

  • ​​​​​Electrosensitivity (ES) is an Intolerance of Electro-magnetic Radiation, as from Cellphones, Towers, Wifi, Bluetooth, Smart Meters, 5G and Power Lines.
  • ES was discovered in 1932 among radio and electrical workers. Now many more people have ES.
  • It affects 100% of the population subconsciously, with 30% having mild conscious symptoms. About 3.6% are moderately and 1.2% severely affected.
  • ES is recognised by the World Health Organization, which states that ES symptoms can be disabling.
  • There are thousands of scientific papers proving ES.
  • ​ES is now recognised by many courts worldwide.
  • ​People with ES need long-term biological limits.
    ​FCC and ICNIRP limits are short-term (6 or 30 minutes) and prevent heating, not cancers and ES.

  • ES is different from Electrophobia (EPh), or a nocebo effect. EPh is a psychological fear caused by prior conditioning which cannot apply to children and unaware adults. It affects 1% of people with real ES. 

“The unchecked expansion of Big Wireless permitted by ICNIRP’s thermal-only guidelines is actively harmful to all biological inhabitants of planet Earth. Further expansion to 5G technology will inevitably involve yet more radiation exposure. The fact that this exposure will not breach the ludicrously high ICNIRP-based standard is no defense at all. ” (2019)

Dr Susan Pockett, 
Honorary Academic, University of Auckland, New Zealand​

“Il y a un petit nombre d'individus - qui sont plus sensibles que les autres – qui sont notre sonnette d'alarme"
(“There are a small number of people - who are more sensitive than others - who are our alarm bells.”) (2014)

Dr Paul Héroux,
Professor of Toxicology and 
Health Effects of Electromagnetism,
Faculty of Medicine (Occupational Health), McGill University,

Montreal,  Canada

“I see electrosmog as a disaster for mankind. Because it knocks down the innate immune system, diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s and arthritis to diabetes are being exacerbated by 4G exposure. Numbing of the immune system over the years also accelerates diseases of the aging. There has been an exponential rise in chronic disease since the 1950s, when VHF and microwave transmissions began.

I estimate that maybe 10% of the population is already suffering the damaging effects of 4G and WiFi radiation, yet doctors and scientists are failing to recognize this because of the sheer diversity of illnesses it’s causing.
We need to communicate the huge range of illnesses that EMF causes, instead of focusing on cancers and being sidetracked by SAR.” (2017)

Professor Trevor Marshall,
Director , Autoimmunity Research Foundation, California

“Evidence is emerging that the health hazards associated with wireless microwave are at least comparable to, if not worse than, those associated with cigarette smoking. Now that smoking bans are in place all over the world, there is no reason not to do the same with wi-fi.
All wi-fi networks in public places should be dismantled, especially in schools and universities, and a ban imposed. For the same reasons, citywide networks should not be installed.”  (2007) 

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho,
Late Director, 
Institute of Science in Society, UK

Non-Ionizing Radiation from Cellphones, Cordless Phones, Towers, Wi-Fi, 5G, Smart Meters and Power Lines
​can cause
Cancers, Cardiovascular and Neurological Damage, Infertility, Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Damage, Electrical Intolerance and Sensitivity,

“Wi-Fi in schools, in contrast to wired Internet connections, will increase risk of neurologic impairment and long-term risk of cancer in students.

   Promoting wireless technology in schools disregards the current health warning from international science and public health experts in this field.

   We recommend that your school district install wired internet connections.”  (2015) ​

 Prof. Dr Lennart Hardell & Michael Calrberg,

Department  of Oncology, Orebro University  Hospitla, Sweden

"We recognize the growing public health problem known as electro-hypersensitivity." (2008)

International Commission for Electromagnetic  Safety,

Venice Resolution

“Limiting safety guidelines to heating effects [i.e. FCC] means that these guidelines allow exposures that are something like 7.2 million times too high. Why then does the FCC stick with these totally unscientific safety guidelines? The FCC is completely failing in its role of protecting the public and it is a major blunder, therefore, to depend on the FCC guidelines as a reliable predictor of impact of EMFs in humans." (2017)

 Professor Martin L. Pall,

Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences,
​Washington State University

“The quidelines of ICNIRP are irrelevant to present situation when majority of population over the world is chronically exposed to non-thermal RF from mobile communication”  (2017) 

 The Russian National  Committee  on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection  (RNCNIRP)

“'EHS is, without a doubt, a genuine, somatic illness. It causes cerebral problems with blood flow and inflammation.  Radiofrequency radiation causes oxidative stress.
Only 1 per cent of the EHS have phobias.”  (2016) 

Dr. Riina Bray, 
Medical Director, 
Environmental Health Clinic
​of Ontaria, affiliated to the University of Toronto

Recent News

"Electro-Sensitivity is an epidemic.The public must be told.
​WiFi in schools is a disaster and as a person who spends 2-4 hours every day on the phone with people and children who got sick, with many contemplating committing suicide, I urge you all to be uncompromising. The truth, and all of it, must be told."

Dafna Tachover MBA

Attorney (New York & Israel)

"We're in the midst of a grand experiment that's being performed without our informed consent."  (2017)

Dr Allan H. Frey, who discovered Microwave Hearing in 1960, ​and BBB leakage in 1975

“'Smart meters' should be abolished because they use short high-intensity pulses of microwave radiation. We know from the nanosecond pulse studies can be very damaging and act via VGCC activation, with activation continuing long after the pulse has ceased.”  (2013)

 Dr Martin Pall

Professor Emeritus, 
​Washington State University 

"This is a major problem in public health. We know with certainty that electro-hypersensitivity is not psychosomatic" 

​Prof. Dominique Belpomme,
Descartes University, Paris,
President, Association for Research and Treatments against Cancer

“Increasing the dependency on wireless is going in the wrong direction. We should leapfrog to higher techniques such as optical fibre.
​All EM radiation is probably carcinogenic. Clean up your EM environment; there are alternatives.” (2017)

Dr Paul Héroux,
Professor of Toxicology and 
Health Effects of Electromagnetism,  Faculty of Medicine  (Occupational Health),  McGill University,  ​Montreal,  Canada

“Electromagnetic hypersensitivity must exist. The only question is what exposure levels are sufficient to trigger EHS. For every radiation type, every chemical, every environmental pollutant there exist sub-populations of people who are more sensitive than others. This phenomenon, known as individual sensitivity, is encoded in our genetic diversity. It is a fact that individual sensitivity exists." (2014)

"The nocebo effect does not disprove the existence of EHS.”  (2015) ​

 Professor Dariusz Leszczynski,

Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland

“We’re in the middle of an unfolding, uncontrolled disaster. It’s the 24/7 exposure [to Wi-Fi] that kills the brain. Once America has become demented, which we are very well on the way to, China, Russia, and Iran are still going to be there, and are going to be blossoming. So it does not spell the end of humanity; it just spells the end of the US, as we have known it. There is concerted effort here in destroying the human brain in North America. It’s a collective suicide that we need to stop. 

When people sleep in the Wi-Fi field, their brain cannot detox at night. You may get away with that for a year or two, or as a teenager maybe 5 years, but then, by the natural bio-accumulation of metals, it will concentrate in the brain more and more." (2017)

 Dr Dietrich Klinghardt,

"The Health Impact Of Wireless Technology" 

Key Science

“I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth's environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale, than warming, and the increase in chemical elements in the environment."

 Dr Robert Becker,

"The Body Electric" (1985)

“A minimum of 57.7% of schoolgirls exposed to low-level microwave radiation (WiFi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, foetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children, when they give birth. Any genetic damage may pass to successive generations. In just two generations, we could have more dead/sick infants than resulted from both World Wars.”

Barrie Trower,

physicist and former microwave weapons expert, Royal Navy 

“In a world where a drug cannot be launched without proof that it is safe, their safety subjected to the deepest scrutiny, where a new food cannot be launched without prior approval, the idea that we can use mobile telephony, including masts, and introduce WiFi and mobile phones without restrictions around our 5-year-olds is double-standards gone mad. I speak not just as an editor and scientist that has looked in depth at all the research, but as a father that lost his beloved daughter to a brain tumour.”

Chris Woollams,

Editor, Integrated Cancer and Oncology News CEO, CANCERactive

"The reported incidence of the syndrome is increasing. The weight of evidence indicates that EHS is a real syndrome induced by exposure to either ELF or RF EMF."

Dr David Carpenter MD,
Director, ​Institute for Health and the Environment,
University at Albany, NY

Recent Science

“Scientific evidence indicates that the neurological syndrome of electromagnetic hypersensitivity exists.
​Having established that such a syndrome exists, it now becomes the responsibility of clinicians to formulate diagnostic guidelines. Such efforts are underway at institutions around the world.” (2016) 

Dr Anrew Marino,
Professor (retired),
Louisiana State University, Louisiana,

Research shows that over time low-intensity radiowaves wear down the blood-brain barrier, which is essential for keeping out chemical toxins.
"We are playing with fire here," (2017)

Dr Joel Moskowitz,

Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health,
University of California, Berkeley​

“All major animal studies, including Chou (1992), Repacholi (1997) and NTP-Ramzzini (2019) confirm carcinogenic action of electromagnetic radiation.
​Industry has performed no health studies on 5G. They do not need to as they have a stranglehold on legislation that allows them to arbitrarily place base stations where they want on streets close to homes and people have no recourse whatsoever. Dominique Bellepomme, an oncologist in Paris, calls this a “crime against humanity”. ” (2019)

Dr Paul Héroux, 
Professor of Toxicology and 
Health Effects of Electromagnetism,  Faculty of Medicine  (Occupational Health),  McGill University,  ​Montreal,  Canada​

"I became electrically sensitive. People who have electrical sensitivity show that we do take some risk. Until we know more, we cannot say this is no problem.”

Dr. Gro Harlem Bruntland MD,
former Prime Minster, Norway,
former Director-General, 
​World Health Organization

“As a cardiac specialist, I am concerned that about 20% of people have detrimental cardiac rhythm sensitivity to electro-magnetic radiation (EMR). It is imperative that the City of Toronto does not install WiFi in public parks and spaces." (2013)

 Professor Hugh Scully,

Professor of Surgery and Health Policy, University of Toronto, Canada


A Few Key Scientific Papers: