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Shielding and Protection

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The key requirement for someone with Electrosensitivity is to avoid exposure to all man-made electromagnetic fields and radiation as far as possible. 

Ideally, relocate your home and work away from man-made electromagnetic pollution. Various authorities, such as the Council of Europe, have advised governments to provide 'white zones' free of man-made electromagnetic exposure.

Alternative methods of avoidance include Shielding and Protection. 
Another method of reducing some effects of man-made electromagnetic exposure is:
            Earthing and Grounding.

1. Shielding 

Shielding is reducing electromagnetic exposure by blocking external sources with metal which reflects, diffuses or dissipates the radiation. A 'Faraday cage' blocks out all fields and radiation.

Total shielding has problems. It is very difficult to achieve, especially for ELF magnetic fields, 

You need to avoid blocking out all natural radiation, such as sunlight and the Schumman Waves.

Shielding can apply to a property, house, room or area within a room. In all cases, ask for specific advice from where you buy the shielding material.

  1. Properties are difficult to shield, unless you can fit a fine metal mesh fence on all sides from which the radiation comes.

  2. Houses can be painted externally with protective paint. This needs to be properly grounded.

  3. Rooms can be painted internally or lined with high quality aluminium foil, properly grounded, and windows can be covered with special film. Always ask for advice, since a Faraday cage traps inside itself any radiation, possibly making matters worse. It is better to shield externally, since internal paint can be more difficult to remove if it makes radiation levels higher for some reason.

  4. It is worth paying most attention to your bed or sleeping area, or where you sit for long periods.

  5. Nets have the advantage that they are not permanent and can be moved.
  6. There is much recent research into building materials made our of concrete or cement mixed with resistant material. Especially effective are stainless steel fibres and stainless steel dust.

Take advice before making expensive changes.

Further information:

Further information on tests on possible building materials with shielding properties:

2. Protective clothing

There are growing numbers of suppliers of protective clothing. Some will make up garments to individual sizes and styles. You may not wish to wear the protective netting next to the skin. Some manufacturers are moving into the high volume market to protect children:

A new nickel-carbon material could reduce the price of protective clothing and shielding:

Further on tests for possible protective clothing:

3. Subtle Energy Devices

These include pendants, crystals, chips, harmonizers and radiation devices claiming to produce helpful radiation.

  • There are relatively few studies at present explaining how these devices work or how effective they are.
  • Some people seem to react well to them, but others seem to have negative experiences. The devices may help or they make a person's sensitivity to electromagnetic exposure worse, or what may start as beneficial may change by the body's adaptive processes to make things worse when the device is no longer used.
  • The safest medical advice at present, until more scientific tests have been done, is to eliminate or reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation, rather than use a device about which little is known.  

Further information: