Causes of ES

Cellphone antennas

Power lines


TV and Radio towers


What causes ES?

Causes Outside your Home

The main sources of electromagnetic fields and radiation outside your home which can cause Electrosensitivity symptoms are often cellphone towers or antennas and power-lines. It is therefore important to choose the location of your home carefully, if possible.

Downtown areas and shopping malls can cause many symptoms for people with electrosensitivity, unless the radiation is controlled properly. This also applies to children who are electro-sensitive if their school has WiFi or allows cellphones on the premises.

Although each person reacts differently, the length of time in the radiation and the strength of the radiation seem to be two key factors. A recent way of assessing the power of towers and masts is not just the distance or strength of radiation, but also the typical number of years before many residents nearby start to suffer cancers and neurological symptoms, including electrosensitivity symptoms.

Cellphone towers or mobile phone masts and antennas (How much they cause ES symptoms depends on distance, the number of cellphones using the tower, and weather conditions.)

City WiFi (This can be especially bad for sensitive people if it is put on street lamps near housing and at bedroom level.)

Neighbours' WiFi and smart meters(There are increasing problems with hotspots outside and inside buildings caused by positive interference between different sources of radiation.)

Power-lines (Sensitive people can feel these for several hundred meters. They can also have an effect if laid under sidewalks or footpaths.)

Substations (Beware of substation units within apartment blocks or office blocks.)

TV and radio towers/masts (These should be far enough away from all housing not to cause problems, but Vatican Radio in Italy was fined for exceeding limits when increased numbers of leukaemia cases were found nearby.)

Airport radar (Phased array radar is particularly dangerous and can be surprisingly powerful, especially where there are wind turbines.)

Cars (Some automobiles and cars , especially electric ones or those fitted with Bluetooth etc, have high levels of radiation)