People's experiences of ES - 2

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Recent Scientific Studies Showing EHS Microwave Syndrome Symptoms from Radiofrequency such as 5G

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Useful introductions:

Carte Blanche investigative documentary, with doctor and victims:

  • Claire Mawisa: "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity" (Carte Blanche, DStv, South Africa, February 26 2018, 8 minutes. about Alwyn Lewies and Elsa Retief, trying to survive in an increasingly hostile environment. Dr Hema Kalan explains how the condition is under-recognised among doctors because it is still not taught in medical schools.)

RT Documentary: 

French documentary with English subtitles:

Photo Exhibition:

BBC documentary of three people with EHS (with unscientific claims by WHO and England's PHE)

Sanjay Gupta M.D.: "Vital Signs" (CNN, September 2017):

Video testimony on how Electrosensitivity affects EHS people

Radio discussion on EHS

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