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Earthing and Grounding

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Earthing and Grounding

Earthing and Grounding, where the body takes negative ions from the surface of the Earth, also relate to anti-oxidant studies and studies dealing with oxidative stress, as well as the body’s biofield.

The practice of Earthing or Grounding is discouraged where the Earth has high electric fields and high frequency voltage transients caused by return currents. This is common in parts of Canada and the USA and can sometimes occur on the Earth of home wiring anywhere.

There are many Earthing and Grounding mats, shoes and devices available. 

Take advice from the supplier, particularly over how to fit an earthing lead, otherwise you can increase your body voltage rather than reduce it, especially if you use the house wiring earth which may have currents and transients on it.

Some useful information on Earthing:

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Earthing and Grounding: