Bans on WiFi and Cellphones or Warnings of Radiation Dangers

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Specific symptoms from Wifi:

  • “Child With Heart Problems From Wireless” (California SB 649 Hearing, EHTrust, June 30 2017), YouTube (2 min.)

Countries banning WiFi and cellphones,


warning of WiFi and cellphone radiation dangers, especially for children



Toronto Public Health, 2008:

  • Children should not use a cell phone for too long.
  • Children should use a headset for a cell phone.
  • Children should use landlines instead of the portable devices.

(“Toronto Public Health Warns Against Kids Using Cell Phones” City News, July 12 2008)



The European Union's European Environment Agency (EEA), 2007:

  • Immediate action is needed to reduce exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi, mobile phones and their masts.
  • Delay could lead to a health crisis similar to those caused by asbestos, smoking and lead in petrol.

(Geoffrey Lean: “EU watchdog calls for urgent action on Wi-Fi radiation” Independent, September 16 2007


The French National Assembly, 2015:

  • WiFi Banned in Nursery Schools: 
    WIFI and Wireless devices will be banned in  “the spaces dedicated to home, to rest and activities of children under 3 years”.
  • WiFi Minimized in Schools:  
    In schools for children up to 11 years, WIFI routers should be turned off when not in use for pedagogic purposes.
  • Schools Will be Informed: 
    The board of the school should be informed when new tech equipment is being installed in schools.

(Environmental Health Trust: “France: New National Law Bans WiFi in Nursery School”)
(Pierre Le Hir: “Une loi pour encadrer l'exposition aux ondes” Le Monde, January 29 2015)

Ban on cellphones in school from September 2018:

Cellphone recalled on safety grounds:

Warning on cellphones and health:



The German Government’s Environment Ministry and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, 2007:

  • People should avoid using Wi-Fi wherever possible because of the risks it may pose to health.
  • People should use landlines instead of mobile phones.
  • People should be warned of "electrosmog" from a wide range of other everyday products, from baby monitors to electric blankets.

(Geoffrey Lean: “Germany warns citizens to avoid using Wi-Fi” Independent, September 9 2007)


The Israeli Department of Health, the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection, 2015:

  • WiFi: Wi-Fi is banned in kindergartens, limits on the age and duration of WiFi exposure in schools, installation of equipment to render WiFi exposure as low as possible, monitoring RF radiation levels.
  • Power cables: Over 60% of Israeli schools had at least one classroom exceeding 0.4 uT. Remedial measures to reduce exposure in schools to below 0.4 uT.

(National Activity Report - ISRAEL 2015)

Haifa, Israel's third largest city:


The Italian State Parliament of South Tyrol, 2015:

  • WiFi: Replace existing WiFi networks whenever possible in schools, preschools, hospitals, nursing homes, and other public facilities.
  • EM Dangers Awareness: An education and awareness campaign about possible health risks, especially regarding the unborn, infants, children, and adolescents and that develops guidelines for a safer use of cell phones, smartphones, and WiFi.

(Digital Journal: "EHT Lauds Israeli Ban on WiFi in Kindergarten and Precautions of Limits Children's Exposures" September 2015)

  • 2017: The decree of the Environment Minister has recommendations on reducing EMF. Section of the Decree recommends reducing exposure to indoor electromagnetic pollution.
    (a) Reduce low frequency magnetic fields: 
    “In order to reduce as far as possible the indoor exposure to low frequency magnetic fields (ELFs) induced by electrical panels, uprights, conductor dorsals, etc.” the design of the plants must provide that meters and electric panels are outside the building and take measures to reduce levels.  
    (b) Reduce Radio frequency radiation: 
    Reduce as much as possible the indoor exposure to high-frequency magnetic fields (RF) equipment with alternative data transfer systems to Wifi, eg. cable connection or Powerline communication (PLC) technology.  

This was started by a Communication by ECC (COM(2003) 302), to the European Parliament about “Integrated Product Policy: Develop the concept of environmental lifecycle.”
      ​(“Italy – Policy Recommendations On Cell Phones, Wireless Radiation & Health”, Environmental Health
​       Trust, August 2017)


The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RNCNIRP), 2008:

  • The members of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection emphasize ultimate urgency to defend children’s health from the influence of the EMF of the mobile communication systems.
  • The children using mobile communication are not able to realize that they subject their brain to the EMF radiation and their health, to the risk.
  • We believe that this risk is not much lower than the risk to the children’s health from tobacco or alcohol.
  • It is our professional obligation not to let damage the children’s health by inactivity.

(“Russian National Committee of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, 2008 Report”, p.4)


Neuchâtel canton, decree article 7, 2010:

  • Installation of wired connections rather than WiFi in secondary schools.

("Switzerland: Teachers Vote to Keep Wi-Fi Out of School" Towards Better Health, July 1 2013, from  La Chaux-de-Fonds)



Taiwanese legislature, 2015:

  • Taiwan has banned children under the age of two from using electronic devices such as iPads, televisions and smartphones.
  • Parents who allow their young children to play with their gadgets face fines of up to £1,000.
  • Parents must ensure that under-18s only use electronic products for a 'reasonable' length of time.

The new law was originally proposed by Taiwanese MP Lu Shiow-yen, who said his intention was to protect young people by stopping them using electronic devices for more than 30 minutes at a time,
(Sara Malm: “Does YOUR toddler play on an iPad? Taiwan makes it ILLEGAL for parents to let children under two use electronic gadgets... and under-18s must limit use to 'reasonable' lengths” Daily Mail, January 28 2015)

United Kingdom

The ‘Stewart’ Report, the Independent Expert Group, 2000:

  • “We believe that the widespread use of mobile phones by children for non-essential calls should be discouraged.”

(“Mobile Phones and Health” 2000)

The Department of Health, 2011:

  • “The UK Chief Medical Officers advise that children and young people under 16 should be encouraged to use mobile phones for essential purposes only.”

(National Health Service: "Mobile phones and base stations: Health advice on using mobile phones” 2011)

United States of America

Ashland Public School District, Massachusetts (MA Senate Bill 1222), 2015: 

  • "Best Practices" are posted in every classroom and include:
    • Turn off the device when not in use
    • ​Turn Wi-Fi on only when needed

(“First US Public School District Limits Wi-Fi Radiation Exposure to Students and Staff” Digital Journal, September 28 2015)

California Department of Public Health:

Onteora Central School District, New York State: Board of Education Meeting: