Burns, Rashes, MRI Effects

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Burns, Rashes, MRI Effects

One comparatively rare but very debilitating symptom of electrosensitivity is a burn-like rash, where the skin feels as if it has been burnt.

This can be caused by any exposure, typically such as a nearby celltower or regularly holding a motorised appliance in one hand.

A few people have found it is one of the most devastating ES symptoms following MRI scans. It is not caused primarily by thermal heating, but as a consequence of some disturbance to the central nervous system. Although some people report a burning sensation during the scan, or severe headaches, the rash more typically develops some 24 or 48 hours after the scan, especially when there have been a number of scans in quick succession or after the machine has had intense use previously.

Areas most often effected include the arms, hands, face, eyes, neck, legs and feet. In addition the person may feel ill, sick and with flu-like symptoms, or with a fixed or 'blurred' mind. These burn-like rashes can last many months or years and may become worse in radiation from  other sources, such a from cellphones, other celltowers, sunlight etc.

These specific electrosensitivity symptoms from MRI scanners apply to the patient being scanned. They should be distinguished from the specific electrosensitivity symptoms caused by the strong magnetic fields inducing electric currents in the technicians and others walking or moving too fast and too close to the scanner.

Some websites cover primarily heating burns rather than essentially non-thermal RFR efffects: