Sickness from WiFi and other Radiation





Causes of ES
at Home and Work

Some common causes of Electrosensitivity at Home and Work:


Cordless phones


Compact fluorescent lights

What causes ES?

Causes at Home and Work

Many sources of the radiation which can cause Electrosensitivity symptoms can be found at home or work.

WiFi, cordless phones, cellphones and smart meters are usually the worst offenders. The radiation can come from your own devices or from those of your neighors. 

Inside your Home:

Cordless phones


iPads, tablets, Wii

Smart meters - transmissions to collection point

Smart meters - mesh to neighbors

Smart meters - wireless to home appliances

Microwave oven

Remote garage door openers

Active movement alarm systems

Baby monitors

Electricity meter

Compact fluorescent lights

'Dirty electricity' from LED lights, dimmers etc

Washing machines

Fridge and dishwasher motors

Underfloor electric heating

Electric hobs and cookers

Plasma TV monitors

Bedroom Environment:

Radio clock

Chargers for cellphones, etc.

Electric blanket

Transmitted to inside your Home from outside:

Neighbors' WiFi

Neighbors' cellphones

Electric power cables

Cellphone tower radiation

TV and radio (usually comparatively low power)

A laptop computer keyboard causing carpal tunnel syndrome: