Ecocide, Energy Use, Global Warming, from RF Radiation

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ECOCIDE: A devastating ecological crisis: 
    Man-made wireless radiation kills plants and animals
    "The further deployment of phone masts has to be stopped."

  • Man-made wireless radiation kills and injures plants and animals, as has long been known, according to numerous peer-reviewed studies .
  • The spread of cellphone towers, especially 4G, is turning this spread of man-made radiation into a growing ecological crisis affecting many of the inhabited zones of Earth.

Some reports which illustrate the severity and importance of this crisis, if mankind is to save most species now found on Earth, are as follows.

See "Science: Plant and Animal Electromagnetic Sensitivity" for lists of studies on each aspect.

Insects disappear with wireless

Birds disappear: 4G and Wifi 

  • "When the main town of Vathi on the Greek island of Samos was upgraded to 4G, sometime in late 2014, the birds on the mountain near the cell towers began to disappear gradually.  By late 2016, there were virtually no birds left on the mountain at all except for the occasional raptor and even more occasional small bird: a single chaffinch where there were flocks, an occasional robin.  In other areas such as the town center, where there is public Wi-Fi, all the sparrows disappeared. A protected area to the south of the island, site of a former salt works and gifted with large reed beds, began to lose its bird life when local hotels installed Wi-Fi.  Now a huge communications tower dominates the landscape, the area is 4G, and the birds have almost all gone.  All that is left is enormous flocks of crows."

Trees and plants: climate change

  • "Worldwide, tree die-off will be a huge driver of climate change."
  • "Greece has a huge diversity of wild plants; there are some 6,000 varieties of wildflower, many unique, more than anywhere else in Europe except Spain.  If EMR is killing the trees, it will sooner or later affect these as well."

    Diana Kordas: "Birds and Trees of Northern Greece: Changes since the Advent of 4G Wireless" (2017: an eye-witness account of the devastating annihilation of ecological systems in parts of Greece and Egypt.)

Danger to trees worldwide: cellphone towers must be stopped

  • "The occurrence of unilateral damage is the most important fact in our study and an important argument for a causal relationship with RF-EMF, as it supplies evidence for non-thermal RF-EMF effects. This constitutes a danger for trees worldwide. The further deployment of phone masts has to be stopped."

    ​Waldmann-Selsam C et al: “Radiofrequency radiation injures trees around mobile phone base stations” (2016)

Mass Extinction Event from RF Radiation, 6th Extinction:

​Synergy between nano Aluminum and RF Pollution: Rise of Autism

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt argues that nanonized particles of aluminum from aerial geoengineering spraying react with glysophate and fluoride and accumulate in and jam the body's mitochrondria. These mitochondria are then affected by RF radiation, such as from Wifi. Wifi and other RF radiation depletes the body of electrons, and aluminum is highly damaging in an electron-depleted environment. Aluminum is the crucial extinction factor, since glysophate enables it to cross the blood-brain barrier and it is also involved in Alzheimer’s and autism. It particularly affects the pineal gland.

Some 42 countries are using aluminum in climate change engineering, trying to reduce warming by reflecting sunlight away from earth. Sunlight entering the ocean has decreased by 40% and this means 40% less oxygen creation. 

Plants have developed high levels of oxalates to fight aluminum pollution but oxalates chelate minerals. Plants also are greener, because they are developing more chlorophyll as a reaction to sunlight energy being reduced by geoengineering.

This is an exponential degradation of the world’s environment. Dr Klinghardt reckons that there are six to eight years left before we see a rapid downhill decline of the human race. Silicon compounds and ionic footbaths can help with detoxing aluminum. The latter can achieve 60% reduction in autism scores. By 2028 all humans will die of or from Alzheimer’s. Autism rates double every 5 years. By 2028-32 all boys may be on the autistic spectrum; this will also apply to all animals.

Ecocide, general:


  • The United States and Jordan noted that for those States party to the 1976 ENMOD Convention, the following principles of international law provide additional protection for the environment in times of armed conflict:      

    "The 1977 Convention (ENMOD) prohibits States parties from engaging in military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques (i.e., any techniques for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of earth, its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space) having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as the means of destruction, damage or injury to any other State party."
  •      (Memorandum, annexed to a letter to the Chairman of the Sixth Committee of the UN General Assembly,    
         September 28 1992)

Energy and Power Consumption for Wireless and Digital Devices

There are concerns that the world will need ever greater energy resources simply to provide power for the data centers supporting wireless and digital devices. This need for energy could be a significant contribution to global warming.

Synergy with GM, Lyme Disease, Pesticides

Global Heating

Radio Frequency radiation can be seen as a cause of global heating.