Hearing Aids

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Wireless Hearing Aids:

Wireless Hearing Aids can emit over 20,000 microWatts per meter squared (µW/m2) right next to the brain.

See the video below which shows readings.

The person concerned wore the Wireless Hearing Aids for four years before realising that they explained her specific Electrosensitivity symptoms, including dizziness, nosebleeds and periodic waves of energy over her head making her feel as if she could fall down.

Bioinitiative 2012 Guidelines are: 
     6 µW/m2 for the general population
    3 µW/m2 for children and sensitive populations.

The EUROPAEM 2017 EMF long-term Guidelines are:

    10 µW/m2 for day-time exposure


    0.1 µW/m2 for sensitive populations, such as children and the elderly,

ICNIRP heating limits, based on Schwan's mistake of 1953, are irrelevant, since the damage from wireless radiation at these levels is not by heating but by the long-established non-thermal effects. Moreover, ICNIRP limits are only short-term, for 6 or 30 minutes, and are therefore inappropriate for wireless hearing aids which are usually worn for more longer than 6 or 30 minutes.

Power Flux Density in MicroWatts per meter squared (uW/m2)


Watts per kilogram (Specific Absorption Rate):

Natural LevelIGNIR SensitiveBioinitiative ChildrenBioinitiative AdultsWireless Hearing Aid
W/kg (SAR)<0.00002Seletun: 0.0003


For harm from Bluetooth, see:

There are said to be some Wired Hearing Aids available, or Air Tube Attachments.
e.g. Rionet Hearing aid, without high EMF (Rion Co. Ltd)

Comment by Azcavebabe, March 2019:

"This is a journal of my hearing aid journey.

1, Four years ago bought hearing aids from Costco. Didn't know they were Bluetooth and wasn't offered any choice, just "these are the hearing aids we have".

2. Had incidents of dizziness, mouth sores, bloody noses and heart racing as I removed wireless objects one by one from my home. When clear of microwave emitting objects, the symptoms died down but every month or so I got them again. Then what felt like waves through my head were happening in my clean home and out in the woods hiking away from all microwave sources. I didn't notice that my EM sensitive friend, who doesn't wear hearing aids, never had any head symptoms. This was indeed mysterious!

3. EMF Solutions finds that my hearing aids are high emitters.

4. Three weeks ago, went back to Costco to ask if the wi-fi could be turned off on my Bluetooth hearing aids. They said no.

5. EMF Solutions sent me a testimonial of a person who had the wi-fi turned off on her hearing aids and they worked out for her after that.

6. Went back to Costco to ask again and told them about the testimonial, they agreed to find out if the wi-fi could be turned off and gave me an appointment. What has to be taken into account is that Costco sells only Bluetooth hearing aids, so they defend themselves when asked if they have anything else. An audiologist there told me that all hearing aids are Bluetooth the day I went in for my appointment. She said she had never heard of anyone getting symptoms from Bluetooth hearing aids. She was able to turn the wi-fi off after phoning someone on her mobile phone. Another high emitter! After that I discovered the hearing aids didn't work anymore. She said the two hearing aids talk to each other (through your head!) I was no longer getting that feature or any amplification. At this point I knew I had to find new hearing aids.

7. During my research I found a hearing aid business near me that had no Bluetooth at all. I purchased new hearing aids from them. They had no knowledge of people getting symptoms from Bluetooth hearing aids and were very respectful of my needs and listened and asked questions. This shop, called Zounds, has their own product line and are a family owned business. Because everyone wants Bluetooth they said, they will begin selling them this summer. They told me that audiologists like Bluetooth because there are no wires for tuning hearing aids.

8. I used my cornet RF meter to measure office microwave levels and hearing aid levels when on.

9 An interesting end note is that I called Costco to confirm with them that they had only Bluetooth and they said yes with an additional comment, "but we can turn it off."

Comment by Cecelia Doucette (February 2019):

"My husband came home all excited to share that he can now control his 98-year-old mother's hearing aid volume with his cell phone.

My eyes widened in horror recognizing that they must be putting RF antennas right up against her brain. So, I measured, and indeed there were high RF transmissions. No wonder she doesn't like wearing her hearing aids!

My husband looped in with the audiologist to see if we could disable the RF antennas. The audiologist had never heard about EMFs before, so it was a wonderful educational opportunity. Upon investigation, we figured out that if we open and close the hearing aid battery three times each, it would toggle off the RF antennas. Next time we visit my mother-in-law, I'll check to see what vendor/model she has and report back."