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Science on Electro-magnetic exposure


USA, USSR, etc and military documents:

International Programme on Chemical Safety: "Radiofrequency and Microwaves" (Environmental Health Criteria 16, World Health Organisation, (WHO, UNEP, IRPA, 1981))

       ("The USSR occupational and public health safety standards are based on the principle of complete prevention of health        risks and therefore include large safety factors" 9.2)

Simple explanations of Radio Frequency and Microwave effects on people

Cell phones causing brain cancer and tumors:

EM and photo-biological effects:

Cryptochromes in Humans and Animals Sensitive to Earth's Magnetic Field:

Dowsing as an EM sensitivity:

People able to dowse or locate underground aquifers and other geomagnetic anomalies or disturbances seem to be reacting to electric fields induced in their body by passing through a magnetic ramp, according to the Faraday effect. This means that they need to be moving, either walking or in a vehicle, across the water flow or across a similar feature with a magnetic gradient.

A similar effect has been established as occurring to sensitive people moving through the strong magnetic fields of a MRI scanner, where operatives are allowed only to walk slowly and not to run or walk fast.

Many people are sensitive down to 0.1 nanoTesla (0.000001 Gauss: 1 x 10-6) when the effect is magnified by holding metal wires such as bent coat-hangers. The magnetic field from an underground aquifer can be 430 nT (0.0043 G). Magnetic fields pass through the ground easily, whereas electric fields need conductors like metal rods and the human body.

  • Professor Sir William Barrett in 1884 concluded it was caused by a magnetic sensitivity.
        Barrett WF: "On a 'magnetic sense'" (Nature, 1884, 29, 476-477).
  • Charles Richet, a Nobel prize winner, in 1923 agreed with some type of magnetic field or radiation.
        Richet C: "Thirty Years of Psychical Research" (trans. De Brath S; New York: MacMillan, 1923)
  • Professor Tromp in 1949 experimented on dowsers and showed that they were accurate in 80% of tests and were sensitive to gradients of less than 10,000 nanoTesla (0.1 Gauss) per meter (i.e. 5 times lower than the earth’s magnetic field) when blindfolded.
        Tromp SW: "Psychical Physics Psychical physics; a scientific analysis of dowsing, radiesthesia and kindred divining       phenomena" (New York: Elsevier, 1949)
  • Professor Rocard in 1964 showed that sensitive individuals could detect 30 nT (0.0003 G) per metre when walking and smaller gradients if walking faster or travelling in a vehicle at above 30 nT per second.
        Rocard Y: "Le Signal du Sourcier" (Paris: Dunod, 2nd ed. 1964)
  • Professor Harvalik in 1970 showed that dowsers are sensitive to 0.1 nT (0.000001 G: 1 x 10-6) per second, and a very sensitive dowser to 0.00002 nT (0.0000000002 G: 2 x 10-10) per second.
        Harvalik ZV: "A biophysical magnetometer-gradiometer" (The Virginia Journal of Science, 1970, 21(2):59-60)
  • Professor Harvalik in 1978 showed that dowsers appear to have sensitive organs located in the areas of the pineal gland and the kidney.
        Harvalik ZV: "Anatomical localization of human detection of weak electromagnetic radiation: experiments with dowsers" (Physiological Chemistry and Physics, 1978, 10:525-534; PMID: 754193)
  • Drs Chadwick and Jensen in 1971 showed that an underground aquifer can produce magnetic fields of 430 nT (0.0043 G).
        Chadwick DG, Jensen L: "The Detection of Magnetic Fields Caused by Groundwater and the Correlation of such Fields with Water Dowsing" (Logan, Utah: Utah Water Research Laboratory, College of Engineering, Utah State University, PRWG 78-1)
  • Since 1939 (Maby JC, Franklin TB: "The Physics of the Divining Rod" London: George Bell, 1939) it has been shown that modern electromagnetic energy, as from radio and TV masts, can distort some tests on dowsers whose sensitivity picks up such interference. This was confirmed by in 2012.
        Huttunen P, Niinimaa A, Myllylä R: "Dowsing can be interfered with by radio frequency radiation" (Pathophysiology. 2012, 19(2):89-94. PMID: 22365422)
  • Hansen GP: "Dowsing: A Review of Experimental Research" (J SocPsychical Res. 1982, 51(792):343-367)